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the people who make the magic

here at kyu, we are a family

these are the people, inside and out - that make KYU who it is

2 ALAS / Andrew Antonaccio

When you enter the restaurant, a familiar face will always greet you, and I’m not talking about our awesome hostess team. The “KYU lady”, created by 2 ALAS (or Andrew Antonaccio), has become a trademark for the gateway to KYU.

We felt that 2Alas had a great connection to the neighborhood, with his artwork being found all around Wynwood,(now all of Florida and the world !) He helped us connect with others and made a truly great partnership. The design can also be found wrapped on our signature Wynwood mule cans.



When inside the restaurant, you can't miss our nod to the neighbors, Miami Auto Body, by our projected Golden Porsche. Some partnerships (most...) are formed over a beverage, and this story is no different. Haigh met Rohrer whilst out in Wynwood, and immediately got chatting. There love of Porsche and Haigh's lack of artist skills made this a WIN WIN situation. 

Stefan Rohrer/ Christain Klugmann

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EDGAR SANABRIA - Digital Design Wizard and Head Server.

We love it when our team gets involved with who KYU is - and Edgar blew it out the park with his digital designs that he created, representing some of the most loved KYU Classics.

Again, part of the original team, he's eaten so much cauliflower, it's in his soul - and his art work.

He also loves sneakers...

Anastasiya Yurkevich - Photography Magic Maker

Anastasiya... Nastya... Ana... "Princess Anastasia"... went by many names at KYU, where she had worked for three years from opening day. Even though she has now moved on to an awesome career in Photography - she is still one of the fam!

With a degree in Photography and Videography from the National Academy of Arts in her home country of Belarus, which she received in 2009, Anastasiya was looking to become more integrated in the Wynwood art community. Shortly after moving to Miami in late 2015 she happened upon the opportunity to work with the team at KYU, where she found a home that enabled her to mix working in an outstanding restaurant with a budding photography career.

Not that we are stalker's but her killer eye for photographic placement had to be nurtured. Although recently departed from the service floor, Anastasiya is still photographing our team in wild and wonderful ways, to showcase their talents and raise money for the Cameron G Scholderer Scholarship Endowment

Her Portfolio


KYU is about wood from the design to the food, and we can't thank Habib enough for capturing our "napkin scribbled" visions. As a Miami local, he creates each piece with an attention to detail that is unparalleled. From the custom desk as you walk in, to the individual cutlery boxes that land on your table should chopsticks not be your thing.