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Carlos Cicilia

Carlos Cicilia

Assistant General Manager

From humble beginnings delivering cheese with his grandfather to local Miami supermarkets, to now being at the helm of one of Wynwood’s busiest restaurants, Carlos Cicilia stays true to his roots of the ultimate team player (without sounding too cheesy...)

Born and raised in Miami, Carlos began his stint in Asian inspired hospitality “just” as a side gig to make ends meet, whilst focusing on sport. However, after being lured in by the first bites of sushi, the hustle of service and the fast paced floor shifts, he was finally hooked when he began his career at KYU in 2017.

Having met Haigh and Lewis during a previous employment – they already knew he was the perfect front man for the position and essential for building the “family ethos” the KYU strives for. After serving for a few months, Carlos took the role of Restaurant Manager, focusing on team training and motivation. In late 2019, he assumes the role of Assistant General Manger.

“Always treat others as you would want to be treated” says Cicilia, a motto upheld by the restaurant.

Besides work, Carlos likes to keep himself grounded. Whilst admitting that there is no better feeling than putting your feet up and tucking into a good sci-fi movie on his days off, he still has an active streak in him playing baseball, football and getting out on the ocean to fish.

“There’s something immensely satisfying about catching your own food, preparing it and then cooking it with your friends.” Luckily, if the catch doesn’t go as planned, he always has the grilled snapper at KYU to fall back on.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.