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Jophiel Espinal

Jophiel Espinal


“I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.”

― Andy Bernard, The Office         

Hailing from the far-away land of West Kendall, Jophiel had a quiet and unassuming childhood. He went on to study full-time at Florida International University while working full-time at a few restaurants, working his way up from busser to bartender, to put ramen on the table. Upon graduating with his Bachelor’s, he soon realized he was too deep in love with the restaurant industry to let it go.

            Having worked with David at the start of his career, Jophiel made his way to KYU and began slinging Cauliflower and Korean Fried Chicken as a server. After some time, Steven decided he was crazy enough to offer him an opportunity as a manager, and Jophiel was crazy enough to accept.

            When not at KYU, Jophiel can be found in his natural habitat—skating and wakeboarding, among other exciting sports, as well as all the eating and a little bit of drinking (or too much here and there) Miami has to offer. He’s also made a bit of a world traveler of himself; he’s seen parts of Europe, The Caribbean, Canada, and the U.S., but has much more to see.

            Jophiel is the baby of the group and looks forward to a long journey with the KYU family. Here’s to living in the good old days!