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Lizzy Maynes

Lizzy Maynes

VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Raised on a Unicorn farm, by a travelling band of gypsies, our VP of Miscellaneous Stuff  Lizzy is always full of sparkles. Born in the UK., grown in in LA, and scorched in Miami, she has happily called the 305 her home for almost 12 years. Starting at a tender age of 15, scrubbing dishes in an Italian restaurant, of which she managed by 18, Lizzy has always had a passion for detail, service and a well-appreciated team. 

Her staff are like family, and she believes that that is the most important part of any venture big or small. “If you don’t say hello, wish them well, or make them feel part of something great every day - you may as well serve the tables yourself.” 

Lizzy has focused in many areas within hospitality, from pouring pints, working the hotline and running PR for the multimillion-dollar Japanese concept, Zuma. She believes this helps her tackle the everyday challenges that comes with the job. “If I have done the work, understanding and coming up with a solution is a lot easier.”

She was part of KYU since it was a twinkle in Michael and Steven’s eye, and loves the dynamic the trio have of general banter, bloody good ideas and friendship.  Helping design and streamline the restaurant in its early stages, then moving towards managing the floor and the beverage program, she now focuses on “miscellaneous stuff” as her title acknowledges. What that is - who knows? But its something in between training programs, staff incentives and brand development. The glue of kyu.

Outside the endless hours of hospitality, she finds time to drink, dine and draw. Depending on when she begins the first task can dramatically affect the outcome of the latter.