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Here at KYU, we care about giving back. Discover the foundations that mean so much to us!


In December 2019, KYU was proud to join forces with 1% for the Plant, an organization committed to supporting environmentally based non-profit organizations.

We committed to a minimum donation of 1% of sales back of Roasted Cauliflower with goats cheese & shishito herb vinaigrette, to these charities. This step was a bigger move in the restaurant brands commitment. All KYU's in the future, will have this partnership, as well creating volunteering programs within each restaurant.



Ever since KYU Miami opened its doors in 2016, we understood that we burn wood.

It’s what makes us who we are. From flame grilling to all day smoking – we knew that we had to consider a way to give back. We were recommended Trees For The Future through friends, and we loved their ethos.

The company began in 1989 by a US couple, Grace and Dave Deppner after witnessing the human tragedy in the Philippines brought on by illegal logging and unsustainable land management systems. Since then Trees for the Future has planted over 115 million trees in dozens of countries and revitalized hundreds of thousands of acres of soil while changing people’s lives forever. Currently, 14 projects underway in five countries in Sub Saharan Africa, under the Forest Garden Program a simple, replicable and scalable approach with proven success. By planting specific types of trees and crops in a systematic manner over a four year period, families can change their lives forever.

When we opened, we donated $1000.00 to the Charity, and do continuing activation's to raise money for further donations. As a guest, you have the option on our menu to “Buy 50 Trees for $5.00”, and then we will match this donation every month.  

Visit our Tree Counter HERE



As our Head Bartender, and long time friend the passing of Chaplin School alumnus, Cameron G. Scholderer, was a difficult time for the KYU Family.Cameron had a real creative flair behind the bar and became a sought-after mixologist in the South Florida community.

“Cameron made the best out of every situation,” said Cameron’s mom, Sally Scholderer, “He believed in what he was doing and worked very hard, but yet was a mentor to other kids coming up in the industry – and he always did it very selflessly. He really left an imprint on everyone he met.”

Sally and her husband, George Scholderer, established the Cameron G. Scholderer Fund, an endowment that will provide scholarships for students following in Cameron’s footsteps and pursuing a career in beverage management at the Chaplin School. Recipients of the scholarship will carry on the legacy of Cameron’s commitment to mentorship by becoming mentors themselves to each new recipient of the award, passing along Cameron’s story of hard work and determination.

At KYU, his love with Rum and all things tiki, was encapsulated in some of his creations, including his cocktail, the Guatemalan Tradewinds. We have vowed that this cocktail will always remain on the menu, at this KYU and any others to come, and donate a dollar for every drink sold back to this Scholarship Endowment.

For additional ways to donate, read about our Portrait Project, featuring one off Photography of our amazing KYU team, by our local artist Anastasiya Yurkevich. A portion of each Photo sold will go towards this amazing endowment.

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Pienza Sostenible is a project that protects sustainable development by public, private entities and individuals. The project includes the study of relevant data as well as the organization of expert panels, the preparation of informative research documents and the development of exhibitions where artists respond to specialized information on each objective. 

Following the Mexico earthquakes of September 2017, both national and international collaborators, joined ReConstruir México, a project supported by PienZa Sostenible, which emerged with the aim of joining forces to achieve a conscious and sustainable reconstruction. PienZa Sostenible is also dedicated to the protection of bees, as they are integral to our food and environment, and yet they are facing an uncertain future due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change.  "Las Abejas" relies upon extensive research on the declining bee population as a problem that affects us all. 

At KYU we are donated a portion of our proceeds back from our popular Wynwood Mule Cocktail, also  FOLLOW THEM - they are awesome!


With the burning of wood being essential to KYU, finding a sustainable provider was KEY.

Reforestamos Mexico is an NGO whose mission is to safeguard the forests and jungles that Mexico needs for its sustainable development by encouraging responsible innovation to stop deforestation and promote the restoration of degraded lands. The organization works across 11 states of Mexico through more than 10 initiatives by performing long-term management practices and productive techniques that allow ecosystem functions to reestablish themselves so they become economically viable, socially just and locally sustainable. 

Reforestamos supports the Initiative’s objectives through several activities, which include developing public policy analysis to align and accomplish Mexico´s restoration goals; promoting a landscape restoration approach; strengthening the forest entrepreneurial ecosystem; promoting innovation in the forest engineering sector; raising awareness in the private sector and by implementing restoration activities in the field. The main objective of this project is to promote sustainable rural development in the country through the articulation of agricultural and forestry incentives, the promotion of agroforestry systems, reforestation of degraded areas and the integral management of hydrological basins.

Reforestamos connected us to sustainable sources, and you can donate directly to them from your menu!

Learn more HERE