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Welcome to KYU


[Noun] - /kyu/ pronounced Q like the letter

1. BBQ - BAR.BE.CUE. - a meal or gathering with meat, fish, or other food around an open fire.
2. YAKINIKU - a Japanese term for grilled meat, often associated with Korean derived cuisine in Japan. 


Inspired by the global travels of our team of chefs and the discipline of Japanese wood-fired grilling known as yakiniku, KYU offers a rich exploration of interpretive Asian cooking. From our open kitchens, you will discover a world of expertly grilled umami-rich meats, smoke-roasted short ribs, innovative fish and beguiling vegetable preparations, hamachi Crudo, and pork belly baos, and Thai “stone pot” fried rice, along with fabulous hand-crafted cocktails and stunning signature desserts. 

With award-winning restaurants in Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Mexico City, KYU’s unique brand will be expanding to Los Angeles in 2025.

We welcome you with open arms!

Our Story

KYU was founded in 2016 in the eclectic Wynwood district of Miami. It became TIME magazine’s “Best Restaurant in Florida” one year after opening, and a semifinalist for “Best New Restaurant ” by the James Beard Foundation. KYU’s unique wood-smoked, wood-grilled Asian concept quickly made KYU one of Miami’s most coveted dining spots while gaining international acclaim. Guests love KYU’s sophisticated, bustling atmosphere tucked behind Wynwood’s famous murals, while dining on pristine ingredients, expertly prepared, with bold, inventive, Asian flavors.