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Here at KYU, we are a family.

Discover the artists that make KYU's soul come to life in our restaurants.

Mark Alan Diaz - Designer

Mark Alan Diaz is one of the most unique designers in our industry. Collaborators of Mark would say he has the mind of a painter, the brain of an architect, and the hands of a skilled sculptor and master carpenter. Mark has been thinking and living outside of the box his entire life, which is why he was chosen as the Designer of KYU Miami and KYU LA. 

A known and recognized innovative materialist, luxury retail interior architect and designer, a fine-finish carpentry and design builder.  His creative process reflects a unique approach, by taking materials everyone has access to and organizing/ crafting each venue to express a venue's unique identity to tell a hidden story that wants to be shared. 

Here, Mark has captured Meditating, AKA ‘Marinating on KYU’ as he would say, deep in his process of unearthing the multifaceted aspects of the KYU’s redesign. He shared with us the three-hour sit was broken up into three individual one-hour listening sessions. Each hour focused on different aspects of KYU’s reimagining. 

First came the question of ‘What was?’  

What was KYU to Wynwood and the residences of Miami?  What was the culinary impact it had on Miami and on the lives and memories of its inhabitants?  Finally, What was the impact of its closing?

The Second question arose when thinking about the Brand, Who have you been?

Who have you been as a brand?  Who have you been in the realm of brands? 

The last question felt the most personal to Mark as it is a question he reflects on daily, 

Who are you Becoming?  And what qualities would you like to share of yourself in the process of your becoming? That question and the back-and-forth conversation between Mark and Spirit of KYU continued from that moment forward until KYU Miami opened its doors.


When you enter the restaurant, a familiar face will always greet you, and I’m not talking about our awesome hostess team. The “KYU lady”, created by 2 ALAS (or Andrew Antonaccio), has become a trademark for the gateway to KYU Miami.

We felt that 2Alas had a great connection to the neighborhood, with his artwork being found all around Wynwood and now all around the world! He helped us connect with others through art, so we had to bring his work to KYU NYC with us. The eyes comprised of chain link is his newest piece and featured in the dining room at KYU NYC. 



Polen Cerci, a prominent local Miami artist, showcases her unique artwork at her favorite restaurant, KYU. Her pieces range from sculptures on canvas to her distinctive technique of double-sided burlaps, alongside classic series. Among these, KYU proudly displays the masterpiece of her sculpture on canvas series, known as Kintsugi.

Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese art, embodies the philosophy of embracing flaws and mending what's broken. Through Kintsugi, Polen Cerci portrays the journey of healing and metamorphosis, symbolized by her masterpiece, the Golden Butterfly. This artwork represents the diverse experiences and hardships encountered along life's path, each contributing to the unique journey of self-discovery and reinvention, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

As you step into KYU, you're greeted by the vibrant and majestic presence of the Golden Butterfly. Its colors whisper mysteries and revelations, inviting guests to ponder the beauty found in imperfection and the transformative power of resilience. Just as KYU underwent rebirth after flooding, the Golden Butterfly stands as a symbol of renewal and strength, inspiring all who encounter it to embrace their own journey of metamorphosis and emerge into grace and beauty.

You can inquire for Golden Butterfly and explore her other works at @polencerciart

or visit her atelier in Miami.

Noah Post / "Capture the Flag"

Post’s recent body of work implements plaster, acrylic, and ink on masonite or aluminum panels.  These paintings represent the exploration of line and space invoked by the mysterious interactions of human form, reaction and memory. The result is a visual history of “stripping-down” a complex problem.

The artist’s paintings create a sense of tension for the viewer as the layers of plaster intermingle with the harsh line work. By overlapping and inter laying sheer layers of paint and stained plaster the viewer loses an understanding of which color comes first. Rather than delineating between foreground and background the work displays a relationship between drawn borders and the landscapes within them.

With a BFA at Purchase College, SUNY, Post has exhibited throughout New York and New England. He was born in Pittsfield, MA. and currently lives and works in New York City.

Noah's piece inside of KYU uses Plaster, Acrylic, and Ink on two joined panels.

Overall size: 88"H x 60"W.

Created 2019.

Majo San

Intradepence (2023)

Majo San is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City. Her work is a collection of projects ranging from murals, paintings, installations, and tattoos. Organic elements play a protagonist role in her visual code. Nature and our minds, in the way we relate to the world and reality, are her biggest inspiration. She believes everything is connected and likes to remind and be reminded of this connection.

This is a visual ode to her community in New York. Regardless of the unique and individual essence of each element in this metaphorical swarm, this center of gravity maintains balance and flow.