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F&W Mental Health and Sobriety during this Crisis

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Some great LINKS and resources for anyone who needs it right now

There is no one who is not hurting and scared right now, and this collective emotional crisis may fall especially hard on hospitality workers, who are used to being on the front lines of any emergency. When a natural or man-made disaster strikes, restaurant people are some of the first to step up. They figure out a way to feed people and offer sustenance and solace because it is what they do and who they are. Absent the ability to do that, and in a position of need themselves, cooks, bartenders, servers, and other restaurant workers are in crisis right now. 

Even if they're not a person who has been prone to mental health or substance abuse issues, it doesn’t mean that depression, anxiety, obsession, thoughts of self-harm, and the urge to self-medicate or break sobriety can’t creep in. 

Remember - you can always call us too - Michael & Steven