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Ken Yu

Sous Chef - New York

Ken was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, before moving to North America during his teenage years. He completed his education at UCLA, earning a bachelor's degree in Physiological Science. Unlike most of his classmates, who chose to pursue medical or graduate school, Ken decided to take a year off to explore the culinary world. During this time, he taught himself various cooking techniques by studying different culinary styles and gained valuable experience working under renowned chefs in the country, including Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz. This opportunity opened his eyes to the realm of culinary arts. Currently, Ken serves as a sous chef at KYU, where he passionately embraces the art of cooking with fire.

On his days off, Ken finds joy in boxing and working out at his local gym. He also enjoys exploring different neighborhoods in New York.

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Favorite cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish

Favorite drink: Matcha